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Our Features

We supply everything... You name it, we got it.

Free Food

Our in-house food bot generates free food for members in the matter of seconds... (EX: $25 of Uber Eats food for ~$5)

Blazing Monitors

Fastest Monitors on the market. As well as our own exclusive, price change monitors you won't find anywhere else.

Target Exclusive Flips

In SMOKIN FNF we provide members with the tools/leads to maximize their profits on Target.com.

Lowkey Flips

At SMOKIN FNF we supply lowkey flips that you can't find anywhere else... from price errors to deals we got you covered.

Phone Flips

We provide leads/tools/guides on how to maximize their profits with selling phones. We have access to bulk buyers that buy your phones instantly avoiding the need to sell them on eBay and other platforms.

Point Churning

We provide our members with the tools and guides to help them maximize their Credit Card points to turn into cash or other forms of payment such as Retailer Giftcards or Travel Credit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our services range from $10-$40 a month. Current memberships availabe: Food, Premium, Premium +

  • Premium Members get everything that Premium + membes get EXCEPT Premium + members obtain x1 Aged Target Acct + EC Bundle ($40 value) as well as x10 Nike accts. ($20 Value)

  • ✨ What is included?

    - Target Discount Codes (15% off)

    - Target Aged Accounts

    - Nike/SNKRS Accounts (Aged + Premium)

    - FLX Accounts

    - FREE 24/7 FOOD BOT!

    - Cashout Providers

    - ACO

    - Flips (Hats, Lowkey, Online, Instore, etc.)

    - Ticket Flips

    - Comic Book Flips

    - Target Current Flips (SMOKIN FNF Exclusive)

    - Sneaker Drop Info (Releases, Shock Drop alerts, Sitelist, etc.)

    - Listing Errors

    - Sport Card Info (Hobby, Retail)

    - Supreme Drop Info

    - Deals Monitors (10+)

    - Freebies Monitor

    - Stocks

    - FBA Flips

    - LOOPS (10+)


    ✨ New Additions:

    - Discounted Logitech

    - Backdoor Drops

    - Nike, FLX, FNL, JD Instore Monitors

    - Shopify Monitors

    - Retail Monitors

    - FAST Chipotle Code Monitor

    - New L00ps added every month.


    Amazon, TigerDirect, BestBuy, Walmart. These monitors watch for price changes/errors that you can use to price match other sites.

  • Yes! We provide support for everything you need from starting up an eBay store, helping you setup for a release, or even life advice. We are here for you!

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